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A good design begins with a concept. We will create a concept according to your needs where you can adjust your design ideas.

We manufacture and assemble various types of façades, roofs, structures, buildings and their elements. We prepare partial work plans for the façade, whole system, construction approvals (documents), waterproofing and condensation solutions.

The elements of the structures come pre-fabricated and assembled on site. Before mounting the structure, engineers study the installation process. We take full responsibility for the manufacturing of the necessary systems and materials for the project.

Energy Performance Certificates present the energy efficiency of dwellings on a scale of A to G (newly constructed buildings will have to correspond to class A). Domes fire rating of Class A or Class B roof.
We calculate static loads, prepare technical and work projects. We can install, help to organize the arrangement or to deliver the assembled technology of our designed or produced products.

We do design according to EN Euro code requirements. Documentation and drawings can be translated into RU, EN, LV, FI, SP, IT, DK, AZ or other languages. Projects are adjusted to Russian Federation SNiP, SP standards and LR STR.